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Laser interferometer upgrade for SIP linear benches

Installation of Keysight Technologies laser interferometer

Improved ergonomics and measurement time

Improved measurement uncertainty

Link to your gauge management software

Especially convenient for SIP MUL-1000 and SIP 1002M

SIP MUL-1000 with laser upgrade

Lineal with options

Technical details:

3 years warranty on Keysight Technologies laser interferometer system

Installation of laser head on original Keysight Tripod or mounting plate directly attached to the machine

Installation of linear optics on the back of the sledge or inside the sledge directly on the measurement tip

Final calibration report with measurements of ISO 17025 certified gauge blocks

Extended reset range for TESA probes up to ±3μm, which increases considerably ergonomics and reduces measurement time

Measurement value transfer to all available gauge management software by keyboard key or foot pedal
Personal adaptation of the measurement software possible
No more need for original SIP scale and electronics



Accredited for calibration of height gauges up to 1M with step gauge