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Specialist for linear measurement bench

Calame Métrologie SA is specialized in maintenance, retrofit and accredited calibration of linear measurement benches (e.g. SIP, Trimos, Mahr, Sylvac, Cary, Helios, Zeiss)



 Trimos LabConcept Nano

 SIP 305M

SCS accredited calibration (ILAC-MRA)   SCS-Logo   ILAC-MRA
Partial overhaul at customer location
Complete overhaul in Carouge, transport included
Sale of spare parts and accessories
Upgrade with Heidenhain scale, Upgrade for electronics, Upgrade with laser interferometer
Lapping of feelers with parallelism < 0.1µm
Professional measurement software with transfer to your gauge management software

Retrofit available for the following SIP measurement machine models:

SIP 302M, SIP 305M, SIP 1002M, SIP 304M, SIP MUL-250, SIP MUL-300, SIP MUL-1000, SIP 300M, SIP 550M, SIP 750M, SIP 1000M, SIP micro33, SIP u33, SIP MU-214B, SIP 414M

SIP: Société Genevoise d'Instruments de Physique



Accredited for calibration of height gauges up to 1M with step gauge